GRWM: Basic Witch or Classy Bitch?

Listen, not even I wake up every morning looking as awesome as you know me from my Flickr stream. Sometimes I do wake up with a hangover or, like today, a horrible hormonal outbreak that even transdescends into RL. I can feel that pimple in my chin, but I also know it’ll be another day or 2 before it even starts to come out and it’s the worst!!

So earlier I was feeling sorry for my crappy pixels and lounging around in this awfully cute stuff that Alaskametro has out for the Spookzilla hunt. It’s marked as a HARD hunt, with no hints available and a LOT of participants on the sim (not hunting comfy at mainstores, nope, everyone on the sim!!, but once you spot Alaska’s items, the 25 L$ you pay to buy it…. it’s a steal! Check out Alaska’s blog here for the hunt key and get your lazy arses hunting at Spookzilla!

Another lovely surprise today (but this was REALLY lovely, not /sarcasm lovely like the pimples) was a redelivey I got from Mila for the Nora skin which I adore and am wearing here on LeLutka‘s Korina. She has updated her latest skins to BoM and her body appliers as well!! More skin diversity FTW!! So that is the base for today’s GRWM, and isn’t it lovely, despite covered in Izzie’s skin imperfections and my messy just-out-of-bed hair Rhapsody from Monso?

Aaaand there we go… 3, 2, 1, transformation time!

I got rid of the imperfections in a good scrub and by applying Alaskametro‘s Beauty Guru contour. It’s pretty much the routine of starting my make up. This contour is life! Over the contour I applied the Princess blush LeLutka applier from Veechi (which is not yet available for BoM, but SHOULD BE!!!!!!! /end lame passive agressive attempt to put pressure on Veechi’s Aubrey Snoodle!), for that instant healthy glowy look that J-low would be jeaous of!

My eye make-up I picked up at Cazimi. I’m wearing the Pixie eyeshadow which has a beautiful winged eyeliner on the upper lid, and on the waterline a bright contrasting colour. I went for the kobalt because it works so beautifully with the sapphire stones in Cae‘s Raegan set, of which I am wearing the earrings here today. The set is available as separates, or as fatpack at Uber and had a texture changing HUD for the pearls, the gemstones and the metals!
Back to the make up though, my lashes are also from Cazimi, the Summer lashes VIP for LeLutka. The light grey eyes are from Veechi, from the Foxy eyes fatpack.

On the marketplace I found a new to me brand, Dollypop, and they do have some make up for BoM available as well. I picked up their Crystal Lip tints, and I am wearing the Coral 05.

To finish the look I picked Monso‘s Chaeyoung which, with a bit of fantasy, pretty much works as a styled version of the messy Rhapsody hair and I slipped into Valentina E.’s Maleficent dress from Uber.

Later, sweethearts, I’m out to shop some more make up! Don’t be fooled by the small size of Mutresse‘s Andrea clutch… it’s just for my card and phone. It’s not a shopping bag 😛

3 thoughts on “GRWM: Basic Witch or Classy Bitch?

  1. Dear Grazia

    This is wonderful, and I am loving your new adventure.

    I would like to challenge you to create a pop art style makup for next time or the time after, because a bitch this classy would surely attend a Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at MOMA.

    Kindest regards

    The Sibling Who Starts Out Looking This Good Already


    1. Dear Winter,

      Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I am currently working on something including a lovely blue dress that you gifted to me, but after that, I’m total game on the pop art!!

      The always prettier sibling, even despite the occasional non dead hormonal outbreak.


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