AI yourself

WordPress wants to know what my feelings are towards meat today, but I want to talk to you about AI! It’s no secret that AI “art” is on the rise. These engines have massive learning power and they get better and better all the time. The first one I dabbled with was Art breeder, and then of course now you have the prompt based Mid Journey. Mid Journey requires Discord though and i don’t know man, I kind of hate discord. it’s too much for me. But some SL creators use it to generate images for their SL art creations and what i see there, is that also Mid Journey is in full development and gets better all the time.

However, I want to share with you today Lensa. Lensa is an app for your smart phone that lets you generate AI based images “Avatars” based on a set of photos you upload to it. it’s a paid service, but a lot of fun to try out if you can spare a couple of bucks.

these are some of the first that I did, and I can tell you, it’s addictive! In the second set, I added some RL imagesfrom myself and these are some of the results

and then the one I did today, a mix of SL and RL images, which ended up looking nothing like either Grazia, or my RL , but they are still pretty cool!